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Intentional Self

No matter where you go there are people wanting more of your time and energy – the kids, the hubby, the coworker, the boss – every day it's something new and there never seems to be enough time for you to slow down, breathe, and pour back into you.


If this sounds familiar, serving others is one of the most beautiful things you can do, but you have to be alive AND WELL to do it. Waiting until your body gives out and forces you to slow down, IS NOT the goal. 


This call includes:
  • One 15-minute self-care mentorship call
  • One personalized self-care strategy
  • 7-days of unlimited all-access support

During this 15-minute session, Kahdija will discuss your barriers to carving out me-time, work with you to design a personalized self-care strategy, and share tips on how to intentionally serve others from your overflow (instead of empty).


After your appointment concludes, you'll also receive 7-days of unlimited all-access support. So, if you hit roadblocks while implementing your personalized strategy, Kahdija will help you troubleshoot a new way forward.