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Aspiration Journal

  • $15.00

Affirm yourself often.

This journal is the new home for all your wins, no matter their size. Fill the pages with small, medium, and big wins so you’re sure to never forget them. And one day in the future, when you’re feeling down and needing encouragement, you can grab this journal, reminisce on good times, and be reminded that you are skilled, you have accomplished many things, you have what it takes to do the next big thing you want to do, and you are worthy of experiencing more moments that make your heart smile.


  • 8.5 x 11in // 
  • 150 lined pages
  • Sand colored front and back covers
  • Powder colored journal pages
  • BONUS - Self Care Challenge
  • BONUS - Affirmation by Kahdija Imari


  • A single place to document your wins, no matter how big or small
  • A single place to help you remember the fine details of your epic days
  • A single place to remind you just how capable you are of doing great things
  • A single place to help you realize just how worthy you are of better, brighter days

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