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Our Story

A self love legacy | The 27th & Rose Story | Self Love Resources by Kahdija Imari

The Beginning

For years, I didn't think I could take the necessary steps to build a formal business. It was as if entrepreneurship would always just be a dream or an unachievable goal. But over time, I realized the world is full of people who were once unsure, but they leaped anyway. There is a fearlessness I have to ask questions when no one else will. And to speak the bold truth when others bury it. It's from this place and much prayer that I finally started running toward my dreams. And now, I am elated to say that I have joined the ranks of so many courageous black, female small business owners who have come before me.

- Kahdija Imari, Founder of 27th & Rose

The Middle

27th & Rose was born amid the Coronavirus -19 pandemic that swept the world by storm. In the same way, our owner is no longer withholding from the world her unique creativity, eagerness to learn, and passion to be more courageous, confident, and loving toward herself. 

The End

Our happy ending is yet to be written. Join our journey by following us on social media, texting our owner 1-on-1, or shopping our latest collections.