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Our Values

 Relatable to the core | 27th & Rose Core Values | Self Love Resources by Kahdija Imari

Just like other aspects of our brand, our core values are rooted in real life experiences that help our founder live the life she loves.

Be Sincere

To be your best self you must be honest with yourself about your wants, needs, and desires. Sincerity is therefore an act of self-care, largely strengthening one's self-love.

Feel Encouraged

Self-doubt is a small spark that can catch and spread like wild fire. So, it's important to protect and pad one's surroundings with supportive people, places and experiences. The more encouraged you feel, the more empowered you are to believe in your own abilities.

Live With Intention

Time is our most precious asset. Unfortunately, we let it slip by when we take it for granted. But the one thing you can control is how you spend your time. View your time as the invaluable resource it is. When you live with intention, you leave no room for regrets of time wasted.