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Loving Self

No matter where you go there are people wanting more of your time and energy – the kids, the hubby, the coworker, the boss – every day it's something new and there never seems to be enough time for you to slow down, breathe, and pour back into you.


 This 1:1 mentorship call includes:
  • One 15-minute self care session
  • Personalized self care strategies
  • Self-awareness homework

During this 15-minute session, Kahdija will explore your current barriers to achieving restful self-care time and work with you to start developing a personalized self-care strategy you can immediately work on implementing.


is impatient, not gracious, talks down to self, self deprecates, is very hard on self, is a perfectionist/needs help showing self more love according to the biblical definition, releasing the tension and self iinflicted stress to be constantly perfect