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Relearning Self-Care

So many of us ambitious women think self-care equals self-pampering and it’s just another task on our to-do list. I have found that self-care is a present mindset, a high-level of self-awareness, and the ability to assess and value one’s own needs. Practicing this deeper form of self care will help you:

  • Create time and space in your busy schedule to relax, reset, and rejuvenate
  • Balance your personal and professional responsibilities with less stress and anxiety
  • Feel less guilty and more deserving of the love, grace, and support you give others
  • Reduce stress, burnout, and the health risks that follow physical and mental overload
  • Build a supportive network that helps relieve you when you're overwhelmed
  • Discover the self care practices that help you feel the most at ease
  • Release the personal and societal pressure to "do it all" while abandoning your well-being
  • See the me-time in your schedule even when you feel like there isn’t any
  • Prioritize your wellness needs without disregarding the needs of others