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Self Love Cycle

Have you ever looked around at your life and thought, this is NOT it?


This can't be all my life will ever amount to. This can't be what all the work I've done thus far has yeilded me, because I don't even like any of this stuff!


How did I even end up in this place? With this job? Driving this car? Wearing these clothes I don't even like? Living in this apartment, sleeping in this bed, and looking at this wall decor I can't stand? I feel zero connection to the things that surround me and I am sick of it! How is this my life? How did I get here?


Well, I've been there. I've thought these exact thoughts and when I decided to take action on changing my reality, I had no idea it would actually work, but I also felt like.. I'm already living a life that sucks.. so what is there to lose? I ONLY STAND TO GAIN.

So I set out on a journey of considering my own thoughts, feelings, wants, needs, and desires, as valid options. What I learned is that, this is the journey of self care; and on the other side of doing consistent, intentional, and unapologetic self care is this thing called self love.


If you take better care of yourself by seeing, acknowledging, and tending to your own needs, over and over and over again, you are going to feel more connected to you.. more in tune with you.. and like you actually do love the current you, the past you, and the version of you you're becoming. I believe it is an inevitable outcome: self care builds self love.


And I want to teach you the repeatable process that helps me continue to build, rebuild, and maintain my self love no matter the challenge life throws at me. I call it The Self Love Cycle. It's a 10-month program that challenges you to your core, forcing you to explore yourself deeply, accept yourself fully, and embrace yourself lovingly.


The Self Love Cycle includes:

  • 10 monthly mentorship calls
  • 40 weekly milestone checks
  • 200+ days of direct access to Self Care Lifestyle Strategist, Kahdija Imari, to aid you when life inevitably starts lifing 

This program is valued at $10,000, but the current investment is $7,500.