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Upload Issues, Self Care Moments, Behind The Biz + New Hairstyle

Upload Issues, Self Care Moments, Behind The Biz + New Hairstyle

This vlog is an exclusive weekly behind the scenes series where Kahdija Imari shares her day-to-day journey of adopting courage, confidence, and self-love as a way of life.

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So, Coco Love Lifestyle is a vlog? 

Yes! Coco Love Lifestyle is an exclusive weekly vlog where Kahdija Imari shares the core of who she is; a creative thinker, doer, and learner who loves deep conversations and even better TV shows. She’s daring to be her best in life, love, and entrepreneurship and she knows it's going to require a daily dose of Coco Love (i.e. courage, confidence, and self-love).

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