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The Most Effective Way To Write Affirmations

The Most Effective Way To Write Affirmations

If self care takes self work, writing an affirmation takes introspection.


Merriam Webster defines introspection as "an examination of one's own thoughts and feelings.

I wrote some of THE MOST impactful affirmations after I sat and reflected on my struggles, imperfections, frustrations, joys, wonders, and curiosities.

Emphasis on the struggles, imperfections and frustrations because those affirmations really struck a deeper chord inside me when I read them..

But they all were very heart stopping as if someone were reading my mind and speaking straight to my inner child.

This is why I say the most effective way to write affirmations is by first doing introspective work. 

 If you have no idea how to start the introspective work it takes to write impactful affirmations, grab my free checklist (or if you're really serious, invest in my Affirmation Writing Guide [value = priceless])

Your self care awaits,

Kahdija Imari
Affirmation Writer
Self Care Curator
Founder of Coco Love


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