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How To Clear Your Mind To Write An Impactful Affirmation

How To Clear Your Mind To Write An Impactful Affirmation

| Kahdija Imari
Completing almost any task that is new you will take a clear and focused mind. Let's learn five ways you can clear that cluttered mind of yours so you can write your own impactful affirmation.

Have you ever sat down to write a paper for school and you either had all the thoughts and didn't know which to write down. Or you had zero thoughts and wanted to spend your time doing other things that make you feel far more successful than you feel right now. #fail. I have been there. And it can happen when you want to sit down to write affirmations too.

Here are my tips for how to clear the clutter of your mind and tap into your own inspiration of what to write in your new affirmation. 

. . .

Find your favorite place

We all have a favorite chair to sit on. Or maybe its a certain side of the couch, bed, or car. Maybe its a certain area of the house or apartment you live in that just makes you feel absolutely relaxed. You know the spot where you go to watch television, but in a matter of minutes the television is watching you?!

Wherever your favorite place is, go there to write your affirmation.

If you don't know where your favorite place is, start taking mental notes or maybe physical notes, of where you tend to spend the most time and how your body feels when you're in that location. If your answer is at your desk and tense, this is not your favorite place. The place should make you feel relaxed, comfortable, at ease, welcomed, and secure.

Find your favorite clothes

I don't know about you, but I feel like I can tackle all the things when I'm in my favorite outfit. For me, this means comfortable, but still a statement, and usually neutral tones. If I'm wearing something that fits that description, I'm typically going to feel confident even if I'm having a not so great start to my day.

What clothes make you smile when you look in the mirror? What loungwear makes you feel comfortable in your skin?

Wear these types of clothes when you sit down to write your affirmation.

Find your favorite sound

I have learned that I can complete some tasks while listening to podcasts on youtube or bing watching television shows I'm very familiar with in the background. But there are other tasks, such as taking a test or writing in my journal, that I truly can't take much more than a mild sound like brown noise or sounds of a fireplace, or calm ocean sounds. If I were to attempt to take a test while a TV show is on in the background, it will be quite difficult for me to quickly hone in and stay focussed.

What sounds help you feel at peace, calm, uplifted, and encouraged?

Whateveer the answer(s), these are the types of sounds you want to surround yourself with when you write your affirmation.

Find your favorite art

When I see things that are beautiful to me, I may pause to whip out my phone and take a picture. Why? Becasue I want to be able to reference it for the forseeable future. Now, granted, if I don't create a filling system that allows me to locate said photographs in an easily searchable manner, this endeavor could be fruitless. But that's not my point here...

Have you been inspired by, in awe of, or curious about something you've seen lately?

Is there artwork somewhere in this world that makes you feel as though you could tell a whole story about the art even though you have no idea what the true reason or inspiration was for the author?

There are metaphors in art. So, if you feel drawn to an artwork, stare at it until it speaks to you... thinking of nothing else but the art itself and every detail you see in it.

I believe you are bound to receive a message (an affirmation) just for you in that artwork.

Find your favorite smell

I am now going to make a bold statement that is solely based in my own opinion and experience in life.

Smells make you feel.

And I stand behind this 100,000%. If I smell rotten food, a skunk, or my dog's poo, my reaction is eww, gross, get me out of here. The emotions associated with these reactions are not of peace, okay.

But if I smell a fresh linen scented candle or room spray, I unconsiously inhale slowly and recieve the freshness as if the scent itself is filling my body with breath and life. 

Smells are absolutely powerful. So, if you can figure out what scents make you feel at ease, calm, peaceful, or even focused or uplifted, you will be on a very good start to clearing your mind before sitting down to write an affirmation.

. . .

I hope these tips have been enlightening and have put you on the path to clearing the clutter of your mind to tap into your own inspiration of what to write in your new affirmation. If you don't know the answers to the five tips I suggested, this is a great opportunity for you to do some self exploration and experimentation. Just remember to make it fun and enjoyable for yourself because it's all for you. Okay, until next time...

Happy writing!


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