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Questions That Help You Write Meaningful Affirmations

Questions That Help You Write Meaningful Affirmations

Affirmations are not a one size fits all category. So let's learn some questions we can all ask ourselves that will help us when writing affirmations that are very personalized to our situation or circumstance.

I don't think that every affrimation is going to help every person. Instead, I believe that affirmations are most helpful when we look deep within ourlselves to answer the questions that have been burning our hearts or speaking to the traumas that have helped shape parts of why we act the way we act and think the way we think each day.

If you're ready to dive deep, be honest, and learn to be more accepting of your truest feelings, I'm ready to share some questions I ask myself when sitting down to write affirmations. 

. . .

1. What's bothering me right now in life?

Whether it's an issue at work, within friendships, family or partner relationships, examine what's been going on lately in your life and get specific about what it is that's really upsetting you or making you feel uneasy.

Affirmation: 'No matter how many times people close to you have doubted you, you will prevail... you are worthy... and you have value to add.'

2. What am I struggling with right now?

Life is not all sunshine and rainbows (I forget where I first heard this saying but it's definitely a true statement for my life and likely yours too). Is there something that's challenging you to no end? What is it and why do you think you are struggling so much with it?

Affirmation: 'The distance may be long and scary, but failure, defeat, and self-doubt are scarier.'

3. How do you plan to overcome the things you describe in the previous two answers?

It's one thing to acknowledge that there's a problem somewhere, but it's a separate thing to strategize a game plan to combat, overcome, or reach beyond said problem. Make sure to brainstorm ways and routes that may take you from problem to solution.

Affirmation: 'Self-doubt has no place here. I let go of it.' 

4. What type of response do I wish I would have received?

Sometimes, when we share our hopes, dreams, and goals with loved ones or those we look up to, they don't give us the type of response we hoped they would give. And this can be very devastating and life altering depending on your personality type, how vulnerable you were being, how deep your passion for the topic is, and so many other reasons. But if you harbor a level of resentment or feel like your life would have turned out differntly if they would have responded with love and support, I do think it will be beneficial for you to address this reality by speaking to your younger self in a way that you wish that person would have responded.

Affirmations: 'You are enough' or  'Life is precious. Make the most of it while you have it.'

5. What might I need to do to be in my own corner?

Think of loving, thoughtful ways you can begin to show up for yourself and nurture your own healing and acceptance.

Affirmation: 'I can do the things I put my mind to, so long as I don't let the other part of my mind sabotage my courage and confidence.' 

. . .

I hope you've found these questions and the affirmations I wrote as a result of answering them helpful. It's not easy to dig deep but I believe it is a necessary step to helping you write an affirmation that will be powerful and impactful for you. Remember, the affirmation you write needs to speak to a specific situation or circumstance that you've gone through. This is what will make it strike you right in the heart when you see it and read it. Until next time...

Happy Writing!


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