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Tools You Need To Write Affirmations And Why

Tools You Need To Write Affirmations And Why

The experience of writing affirmations is solely for your own mental and emotional wellness. Let's learn what tools you'll want to consider investing in before starting your new practice.

I take affrimation writing seriously and thus I take my preparation for executing it just as seriously. However, the number one thing I want you to remember when finding the tools you'll use to write affirmations is this experience is solely for your own mental and emotional wellness--so why not put your best foot foward and set yourself up for a highly enjoyable experience by surrouonding yourself with things you absolutey love?!

I'm excited for you to start writing your own affirmations, so let's get into this list of tools!

. . .

1. Something To Write On

Do you absolutey love a certain notebook or journal? Are you picky about wanting to write in a spiral-bound notebook vs a glue-bound notebook? Do you prefer hardcover or paperback journals? Have you ever written on a piece of paper and realized it was too textured for your liking or too smooth for your liking? Your paper doesn't have to be white. It doesn't have to be blank. It can have lines. It can be orange with polka dots or grey with gold marble designs on it. Whatever your favorite paper source is, find it, and reserve it for your affirmation practice.

If you prefer not to use paper, what would you like to write on? Is it your iPad? Is there a different tablet device that you can't seem to get enough of these days and would love to have more reasons to use it? There are so many options nowadays for selecting something to write on. Commit to choosing something you enjoy writing on today and can see yourself writing on it for months to come.

2. Something To Write With

If you opt to use a tablet to write your affirmations, you'll be restricted to using the pen compatible twith said tablet. But if you choose to write on a form of paper, there's a plethora of writing utencils you can select from. 

Are you a thick pen lover or a thin pen lover? Do you want to use colored pencils, charcoal, or some type of marker? Does the marker need to have a flexible tip or must it be firm and be available in red? What is your favorite writing utencil? The one that gives you the least troubles and make your hand glide from letter to letter without a fuss? If you're using a pencil, is it mechanical or do you need an electric pencil sharpener? Which writing tool do you prefer most, is cost efficient for you and makes you just a little bit more excited to sit down and write your affirmations?

I know these are a lot of questions, but I am not sharing them to discourage you. I want you to have a better understanding of yourself and to create the best possible environment for you to thrive as you write affrimations. Speaking of environments... you're going to need the next item on this list.

3. Some Place To Write

You may think this item is not list worthy, but I assure you it is.

Imagine yourself attempting to take a 100-question multiple choice test in a chotic, noisy, cluttered, and generally unstable environment such as in the middle of a school cafeteria during a 50 person food fight. Are you the type of person that would be able to easily concentrate in the midst of the comotion around you? It's important to know what type of environment helps you feel calm, comfortable, at ease, and relaxed enough to think and reflect deeply. The fewer the distractions the better.

So, what type of location is best for you? Is there a certain chair or couch that makes you feel super relaxed? Is there a certain room or corner in your home that that allows you too feel safe and cozy? Do you prefer writing on tables and can't stand writing on your lap? What location offers the best possible environment for you to write freely and comfortably?

. . .

The takeaway from this list is for you to make your best effort at finding things and spaces around your home that you already love or to shop around to find new, interesting things that will encourage and motivate you to follow through with your new self-affirming practice. I want you to commit to getting the little things right before you sit down to tackle the big things. Why? Because they matter just as much as the big things and because you deserve to be surounded by what you love!

Happy Writing!

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