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The Coco Love Podcast with Kahdija Imari • Episode 4

Hey, I want to have sex with you!

Today’s episode might sound a little intense if you’re not willing to talk about sex in relationships and situation-ships. I completely understand if you would rather not listen to this chat. But if you are, you’re going to learn some of my thoughts on transparency and sexual motives. I hope you ...
The Coco Love Podcast with Kahdija Imari • Episode 3

Exploring affirmations with Alex Elle

I have been following author, Alex Elle for years and she recently posted some affirmations on her IG (@alex_elle). In this episode, I dive into what these affirmations mean or have meant to me and ponder whether I’m on track to believing these affirmations about myself. I hope you enjoy sweets.
The Coco Love Podcast with Kahdija Imari • Episode 2

How I Named My Brand 27th & Rose

In this episode, I decided to chat about the inspiration behind my new brand, 27th & Rose. Hint: it is near and dear to my heart and is totally connected to my childhood. I hope you enjoy.
The Coco Love Podcast with Kahdija Imari • Episode 1

Am I willing to take risks to be successful?

This episode of The Coco Love Podcast is inspired by a quote from the How Married Are You? podcast. Kahdija Imari explores what Beleafmel says about having talent but not taking risks and what that means for her own courageous adventures in life.

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