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'Because I Want To' Is a Valid Reason

'Because I Want To' Is a Valid Reason

On February 1st, I posted the below photo on my Instagram page with a caption that was very transparent and quite convicting.   • • • "If someone you're talking to keeps trying to cross a boundary you have set and are attempting to uphold... they are not respecting your wishes and therefore do n...
The Coco Love Podcast with Kahdija Imari • Episode 6

How Oprah says you can manifest your best 2021

Today’s episode is all about achieving your goals in 2021. Set them and achieve them. That’s all you have to do!! I really want you to search deep within yourself to unearth specific goals that you can hold yourself accountable to come December 2021! We’re also going to learn and attempt to exerc...
The Coco Love Podcast with Kahdija Imari • Episode 5

Let your happiness overflow to others

Today’s episode is all about self-care. It is the time of year when I think it is definitely good for everyone to pause and recharge themselves, whether you have a large family, small family, or you are single. Do what you need to do to encourage your own happiness. I hope you enjoy sweets.

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